Sosnovskaya Anna Michailovna, married.

Адрес: Russia, 199004, St.Petersburg, 1 Linia 26, room 610

Телефон: skype: anna197390


  research on media; gestalt; discourse
  Graduate in Journalism, PhD in Philology and have diplomas and certificates in sociology, political science, Gestalt, gender study, including the French University College (DER).

- D.E.R., French College of the University in St. Petersburg; sociology & political sciences: "Reflection of the international political process in the Russian and and French Press"; 1994-1996.

- Ph.D. State-University of Saint Petersburg, 2000, a thesis on sociology of journalism: "The transformation of journalists’ practices and self-identification of the journalists (Russia-Sweden comparison)".

- Certificate, Improvement of professional skills in sociology "Group identification in space " we- they " in a Federal centre for improvement of professional skill "Sociology ", 2003.

- Certificate, Improvement of professional skills in gender education, Ivanovo State University, 2004.

- Monograph "Journalist: personality and professional (psychology of identity)", SPb State University, 2005; 14,25pp.

- Certificate, Moscow Gestalt Institute, Gestalt psychotherapist, 2005-2009.

Competent in English and French languages.

Participated in the international research

program "Media and Societies around the Baltic Sea, 1998- 2000: communications and cultures in transition" – conducting research, writing articles, translating, and interpreting for seminars.

EU INTAS Young Scientist Fellowship project “Discourses of Identity and Diversity: representations of migration in the British and Russian press”, 2005-2006.

- conducting research, writing articles, participating in conferences:

1) International Conference in cooperation with Warsaw University & School of Journalism, University of Missouri October 21-22, 2005 Moscow, “Media and Change”, Anna Sosnovskaya (Russia): Representations of National Identity in the Russian and British Newspapers (Discursive Media Techniques).

2) Article (co-authored with INTAS supervisor, forthcoming) H.Davis & A.Sosnovskaya ‘Representations of otherness in Russian newspapers: the theme of migration as a counterpoint to Russian national identity’.

3) Howard Davis and Anna Sosnovskaya (Wales, UK/ST Petersburg, Russia) paper on ’Visual representations of the Russian presidency: power and identity in the post Soviet press’ for BASEES Conference The Mass Media in Post-Soviet Russia International Conference 6-8 April 2006 University of Surrey.
Опыт работы  
  Professional career

Correspondent, Weekly youth newspaper "Lenin''s sparks", 1987-1991.

Staff Journalist, "Nika-TV", private company, 1991-1992.

Correspondent, 2-channel Russian State TV, 1992 -1993.

Staff Journalist, section editor in the newspaper "Five corners", Publishing house "Chance", 1993 - 1998.

Staff Journalist, editor of section in the newspaper "Nordic Capital", 1995.

Editor-in-chief of documentary film on women, private TV company, 1996-1997.

Editor of newspaper "Petersburg paper" by the Free Ecological Trade Union

(NGO), 1998 - 2002.

Senior lector, assistant manager of faculty on educational work, in University of Humanities of St. Petersburg, in journalism and social psychology faculties, department of cultural studies, 2002-2004.

Social worker (consultant, manager) in NGO "Youth information centre", 2002 - current position

Teacher in the department of journalism of State University of Saint
Petersburg, department of sociology of journalism, 1998 - current position
Дополнительные сведения  

Member of Union of Journalists of Saint-Petersburg since 1994.

Member of Petersburg Centre for Gender Issues since 1995.

International press card (BA-5132) and certificate, International Federation of Journalists, since 1998.

Teacher Identity Card, ITIC, since 1999.

Member of the St.-Petersburg Sociological Association (SPAS) since 2002.

Member of Psychological Society of St.-Petersburg since 2003.
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